«Evraz Group SA" - an international mining and metals company with headquarters in Luxembourg. "Evraz Group" is a vertically integrated holding company with assets in Russia, Ukraine, the US, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan and South Africa. It is among the 500 largest companies in the world.
The main activities of the group - steel production, mining ore and coal. A third steel mill facilities are located outside Russia.

The ownership structure of the holding is as follows: 72.9% owned Lanebrook Ltd, and the remainder - 27.1% - of BNY (Nominees) Limited. In turn, half of the company's shares Lanebrook Ltd owns Millhouse Capital UK Ltd, which is owned by Roman Abramovich. The remaining 50% of the shares are divided Lanebrook Ltd CEO Alexander Frolov and Chairman of the Board of Directors of A. Abramov. Thus, Roman Abramovich is the owner of 36.44% of shares of «Evraz Group SA», Frolov controls 12.15% of the shares, and Abramov - 24.29% stake in the holding company. Another major shareholder of «Evraz Group» is I. Kolomoisky. Under his supervision is 9.72% of the shares.

The main beneficiaries of the company as of June 1, 2014 are Roman Abramovich (30.99% stake), Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexander Abramov (21.55%), CEO Alexander Frolov (10.76%), Gennady Kozovoy (5, 69%) and Alexander Vagin (5.63%). GDR is traded on the London Stock Exchange.
The corporation began in 1992 when the company "Evrazmetall"was organized. Activity of "EvrazMetall" was metallurgical trading. Three years later, the company acquires a "NTMK". At the turn of the century under the control of the company transferred two steel plants located in Novokuznetsk. At the end of 2004 during the restructuring of the asset management company was incorporated «Evraz Group SA».

Three-year Eurobonds releases included in the "Evraz Group" Luxembourg company EvrazSecurities SA .The estimated value of the issue - up to $ 175 million, the estimated yield - 9% per annum.
"Until now," Evraz "was perhaps the most closed company in the Russian steel industry." However, it decided to issue Eurobonds holding and was forced to tell a lot about yourself investors. Recently, prospectuses of securities have become one of the main sources of information on Russian companies. Among them, for example, they became known to the owners of "Yukos", "Lukoil" AFC "System", "Wimm-Bill-Dann", MDM Financial Group, "Inteko" and others.
The company owns steel assets in Italy, the Czech Republic and the USA, as well as the Nakhodka commercial sea port in the Far East that allows the delivery to the countries of Asia. Output is to the EU markets and North America ensure a more stable and higher steel prices. In addition to the traditional types of steel products, Evraz is a leader in the market of railway products (holding one of the main partners of JSC "Russian Railways") and on the market of vanadium, which is used in the manufacture of high-alloy steels.

In 2014, Evraz produced 15.5 million tons of steel. Own base of iron ore and coking coal provides almost completely domestic needs of Euraz. The company is a leading index of the London Stock Exchange FTSE-250. EVRAZ has about 100,000 employees worldwide. Consolidated revenues Euraz 2014 amounted to 13.061 million dollars. US consolidated EBITDA - 2.325 million. US.

The strategic plans of the company - strengthening the role on the world market of mining ore, thermal and coking coal, metal production through the acquisition and construction of new enterprises and the development of promising fields.
"Evraz" operates three steel mills - Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk region.), West Siberian and Kuznetsk (both in the Kemerovo region.), which produce a total of more than 13 million tons of metal per year. The structure of "Evraz Group" also includes a number of companies - suppliers of coal and iron ore, as well as the Nakhodka seaport.

Alexander Abramov - Chairman of the company.

Alexander Frolov - President.

Office in Moscow:
121353 Moscow, Belovezhskaya, 4, block "B"
+7 495 363 19 63
[email protected]

Office in London:
EVRAZ plc 5th floor, 6 St. Andrew Street, London EC4A 3AE

Office in Luxembourg:
Evraz Group S.A.
1, rue de Louvigny, L-1946, Luxembourg

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