Raspadskaya is a compact integrated coal mining and enrichment complex located in the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation. Raspadskaya's license area is part of a very extensive coal field south-west of Tom-Usinsk area of the Kuznetsk coal basin which itself accounts for about three quarters of the total coking coal production in Russia.

Raspadskaya's reserves-to-production ratio based on the 2005 production volume and calculated for the Russian ABC1 resources ("balance reserves" under the Russian system which are very similar to Resources under international systems such as the JORC Code) amounts to 113 years. The company believes to be No.1 by reserves-to-production ratio among five largest Russian coking coal producers.


Raspadskaya Coal Company has licenses to mine coal for the next 20 years. Licenses for cut mining provide a sufficient reserve base for cut working and deep coal bed exploitation until 2013.

Brief information about licenses is provided below:

  • Raspadskaya Mine has two licenses: a basic license to mine on Raspadsky field (No. 12677), granting right to 1 to 14 coal-beds, and license to mine on Raspadskaya Mine 2 (No. 11889), granting right to 3-3a to 10 coal-beds. The licenses grant the right to exploit all coal-beds within the license areas to 250 meters level.
  • MUK-96 Mine has two licenses: basic license No. 00635 and license No. 13024, concerning Mine No. 2. The basic license grants the right to 15 to 19 coal-beds on a 5.6 square kilometers area within the license limits. Raspadskaya Mine No. 2 license grants a right to 11 to 19 coal-beds.
  • Raspadskaya-Koksovaya Mine has license No. 11578, which grants the right to all coal-beds within license limits.
  • Four licenses are for cut mining. They are the Raspadskaya Mine basic license (No. 12677), MUK 96 Mine basic license (No. 00635). MUK 96 Mine No.2 license and Glukhovsky area license (No. 13446).
  • Alexander Vagin - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Raspadskaya. First Deputy General Director, Raspadskaya Coal Company
  • Alexander Abramov  -Member of Evraz Group Board of Directors
  • Alexander Frolov  -Chairman of Evraz Group Board of Directors
  • Gennady Kozovoy - General Director, Member of the Board of Directors, Raspadskaya Coal Company
  • Christian Schaffalitzky - Member of the Board of Directors, Independent Director
  • Jeffrey Robert Townsend - Member of the Board of Directors, independent director
  • Ilya Lifshits - Member of the Board of Directors

Contacts for shareholders and investors

Olga Katalina
Head of Investor Relations

Alexander Andreev
Deputy General Director for Strategic Planning
Raspadskaya Coal Company

Tel.: +7 (499) 1471516
Fax: +7 (499) 1471517

E-mail: [email protected]

Contacts for media

+7 (38475) 46530 Galina Коvalchuk
+7 (499) 1471516 Alexander Andreev
E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

Sales Department
+7 (38475) 46014

Material and Technical Support
+7 (38475) 26913

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