“Polymetal” to start gold processing at Birkachan using new technologies

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The company started an installation of new equipment, which will allow the processing of 475 thousand tons of ore this year.

“Polymetal” implements new ore processing technology at the Birkachan deposit in the Severo-Even district of the Magadan region. The new method involves enrichment of ore by irrigation solutions.

In 2017, they plan to process 475 thousand tons of ore in this way, IA MagadanMedia reports citing the press-service of “Polymetal”. The company is also engaged in the reactivation of the heap leaching plant to use this method to enrich the ore with a low metal content. In addition, on May 1, 2017 there will be launched preparation complex, demounted from the site Dukat and transported to Birkachan for additional sizing and recrushing.

Senior foreman of GOK “Kubaka” A.Kurganov stated, the first stage of the project on ore crushing and its heaping will take place in 2017-2018. There will be piled 800 thousand tons of ore with an average gold content of 1.2 grams per a ton and silver - 3.6 grams per a ton before the end of the year. They plan to produce125 kg of gold and 400 kg of silver by heap leaching method in 2017.

Birkachan is located in the Severo-Even district of the Magadan region, 25 km north of the Kubaka mine. Projected gold resources make up 14 tons of gold and 34 tons of silver. The area of ​​the site is 182.5 square kilometers. The license for development and production has belonged to the “Omolon Gold Mining Company” (Polymetal) since November 14, 2011.


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