“Priisk Solovievsky” intends to mine 3.5 tons of gold in 2017

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By means of the launch of the Solovievsky ore perspective site the volume of gold mining will grow by 1 ton.

“Priisk Solovievsky” JSC, that holds gold mining in the Amur and Trans-Baikal regions, intends to mine 3.5 tons of gold in 2017 – by 1 ton higher than in 2016, deputy CEO of “Priisk Solovievsky”, V. Sidorov, said.

A significant growth of production volume is explained by the launch of the gold mining plant at the Solovievsky ore perspective site.

The capacity of the plant launched in November makes up 600 thousand tons.

Until the end of 2017 we plan to produce at least 1 ton of gold there, he said. In 2017 it is also planned to increase placer gold mining – on the results of 2016 placer gold production made up 2,480 kg.

The produced at the deposit gold will be sold in full to VTB. The price of gold will be determined at the moment of sale.


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