“SL Zoloto” gains right for gold deposit Sukhoi Log

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Earlier the company gained right for the development of the deposit, having offered 9.4 billion roubles.

The Prime Minister of Russia D.Medvedev signed a decree on granting right to the company “SL Zoloto” for the use of subsurface site of federal significance, including gold deposit Sukhoi Log in Irkutsk region. The document was published on Friday on the web site of the Government.

It was stated earlier that a joint venture of “Polyus Gold” and state-run corporation “Rostec” - “SL Zoloto”- gained right for the development of Sukhoi Log at the auction and paid out 9.406 billion roubles.

Two companies applied for participation at the auction for Sukhoi Log: “SL Zoloto” and “Zoloto Bodaibo”. According to Professional Market and Company Analysis System, 58% of “Zoloto Bodaibo” belongs to I.Palankoev (42% is owned by a subsidiary of VTB). Chief executive of the company is S.Lepeshkin, who was a minority shareholder of Polyus Gold International Limited (parent company of “Polyus Gold”) before the consolidation of the company’s shares by the structures of the Kerimov family.

Sukhoi Log is a subsurface site of federal significance in the Irkutsk region. There will be created large production on mining 80-90 tons of gold and 20-25 tons of silver a year.


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