1.5 tons of platinum and 860 kg of gold are results of Russian Platinum in 2016

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Enterprises of Russian Platinum, which specialize in the mining of precious metals in the Khabarovsk region, have summarized their operation in 2016, the press centre of the group of companies reports.

In particular, last year gold-mining cooperative Amur mined 1 526.6 kg of chemically pure platinum at the Konder deposit, which is by 1310.4 kg less than in 2015. The gold-mining cooperative doesn’t explain what was the reason of the decline in the volumes. At the same, specialists clarify that the amount of the stripping works in January - December 2016 made up 11 992 thousand cubic meters.

Last year, Amur Zoloto, which is also among the Russian Platinum’s assets, produced 860.5 kg of gold equivalent at its license sites in the Khabarovsk region that was by 218.3 kg less than in the same period in 2015. In particular, the Yubileiny GOK of the Krasivoyee deposit processed 56,534 tons of ore for the year, smelted 401.5 kg of chemically pure gold and 143.9 kg of silver. The ore mining at the Perevalnoye deposit amounted to 62767 tons. At the alluvial sites of Buor and Ulakhan 457 kg of chemically pure gold were produced in 2016.



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