In 2017, Kaltansky mine plans to produce over 4.1 mln tons of coal

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Today the Kaltansky coal mine (a part of Kuzbassrazrezugol) mined a symbolic commemorative 100-millionth ton of coal. It is the joint result of the work of miners of the Osinnikovskoye and Kaltanskoye fields of the enterprise from the launch of each of them.

The Kaltansky coal mine was founded in 2009 through the merger of the Kaltansky and Osinnikovsky mines. The first ton of the Osinnikovsky coal was produced in 1980, contribution of its miners in the symbolic 100 millionth ton was 64.5 million tons. The Kaltansky mine was launched a year later, in 1981, its contribution to the new level is 35.5 million tons of coal.

Today the Kaltansky coal mine is one of the most promising and rapidly developing companies of Kuzbassrazrezugol, the annual production of which is about 4 million tons of coal.

"This year the company’s miners are facing a new challenge - to produce 4.150 million tons of coal for the year, - said the Kaltansky mine’s director Sergei Baranov. - The increase in the production volumes will be provided by the modernization of the main mining and transportation equipment of company, which continues today".

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