Aktogay GOK started copper concentrate production

Nadezhda Ivanova's picture

KAZ Minerals Group announces of the production of the first saleable cooper concentrate out of sulfide ore at the Aktogay GOK in conformity with the planned schedule for Q1 2017. Concentrate shipment from the Aktogay GOK is expected in the near future.

The Aktogay plant on the processing of sulfide ore stats to increase the capacity aiming for reaching the project level of production in H2 2017.

The chairman of KAZ Minerals group, O. Novachuk, said: “I am glad to announce of the start of copper concentrate production out of sulfide ore at the Aktogay GOK. Both main projects of growth are currently put into operation. The group goes on a stable production growth and is on the way to reaching the level of 300 thousand tons of copper a year and about 80% of our products will come from the low-expenditure open-pit mines”.


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