ALROSA specialists create a new method of kimberlite search.

Nadezhda Ivanova's picture

Scientists at the Research exploration center, created by ALROSA, have developed an innovative method of searching for diamond deposits. It is based on the prediction technology of kimberlite bodies with the help of the substances formed during the destruction of kimberlites and studying their secondary post-magmatic mineralization.

Research is related to the definition of near pipe halos that are larger than the size of the kimberlite by two or three times. These regions have a higher content of the adsorbed carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon gases.

Taking the assumption that each kimberlite must be accompanied by gaseous substances formed during ancient volcanic eruptions and partially penetrating into the host rocks, the researchers were able to significantly expand the search area of the kimberlite. This makes it possible to create a sparse grid of drilling and significantly reduce the cost of exploration.

NIGP is studying kimberlite bodies since 2009. Experts of the Science Centre predict diamond content of the studied areas and develop new methods of exploration.

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