On April 28 and 28, Subsoil Use Department in the Far East to hold 8 auctions on Chukotka

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In late April, eight auctions for placer gold sites will take place in Anadyr. The Subsoil Use Department in the Far East appointed the auctions for the gold sites on April 27 and 28.

A site on the river of Sbornaya with reserves of 48 kg of gold is offered for 1.2 million rubles. The deposit is put up for the auction not for the first time, but so far no one has been interested.

Also, a site on the Volny brook (the left tributary of the Kolby River) was offered three times in. The Subsoil Use Department in the Far East offers to start the bidding for 13 kg of the reserves from the starting amount of 550 thousand rubles.

The auction for the site of "Skorbutnaya River, the left tributary of the Volchya River" will start from 5.1 million rubles. The reserves of the deposit are 111 kg of the C1 category.

The deposit of the Pravaya Kolby River with reserves of 377 kg of gold is offered at the auction with the initial payment of 7.5 million rubles.

The auction for the reserves of 16 kg at the site on the Bezymyanny brook (the left tributary of the Mavrin brook) will start from 400 thousand rubles. All the five sites are located in the Anadyrsky district of the Chukotka autonomous district.

The Kuklyanka brook deposit (the left tributary of the Konevaam river) with reserves of 585 kg and resources of 186 kg is located in the Chaunsky municipal district. The initial payment for this site is set at the level of 8 million rubles.

For the site in the Bilibino district of Chukotka - Nersky (the brook deposit) - with resources of 435 kilograms of gold, the starting payment of 730 thousand rubles was set.

Applications for all auctions will be accepted in the Chukotka Subsoil Use Department until April 12.



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