ArcelorMital Temirtau increases production of coal concentrate

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In February, a pilot project to increase the production of coal concentrate was launched at the Eastern central processing plant of the combine ArcelorMittal Temirtau (Kazakhstan). Under the business plan of 210 thousand tons of concentrate, its actual output in the shortest month of the year amounted to 225.1 thousand tons. In January 2017, the business plan was exceeded by 7 thousand tons, in February 2017 by 15 thousand tons, in March it is planned to exceed the business plan by 10 thousand tons. In 2016, the Eastern central processing  plant produced 2.564 million tons of coal concentrate. In 2017, the planned figure for the output of coal concentrate increased significantly and according to the business plan is 4.722 million tons.

The operative and coordinated work of dispatchers of the plant and the Karaganda loading and transport department made it possible to increase the volume of coal unloading through the reduction in the waiting time for cars. It managed to reduce the emergency downtimes due to optimization of the use of repair time for the plant shutdowns for the planned preventive repairs. In the end, the unplanned downtime of the equipment was reduced by 23%. For the operational control of the project implementation, the each-shift visualization of the system elements that affect its implementation was carried out: starting from the volumes of ordinary coals mining, their ash content, delivery to the plant and ending with the volumes of the coal concentrate production.

"To stabilize and standardize the solutions developed and obtained during the implementation of the pilot project, this work will continue in the coming months. In 2010-2014, large investment projects were implemented at the Eastern central processing plant, due to which the capacity of the plant increased the production from 150 thousand tons per month up to 220-240 thousand tons. Since 2010, the production of coal concentrate is 2.5-2.6 million tons per year," – said director of the plant Dmitry Boyarsky.

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