Artel “Amur” produced 1.5 tons of platinum at Konder

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It is by 1.3 tons less year-on-year.

Gold-mining cooperative “Amur” (subsidiary of “Russian platinum”) produced 1 805.5 kg of placer platinum at the deposit Konder in the Ayano-Maisky district of Khabarovsk region in January-October 2016. There was produced 1 525.6 kg of chemically-pure platinum during this period. According to the company’s press-service, the enterprise has carried out 9 328.9 thousand cubic meters of overburden stripping in January-October 2016. “Amur” produced 2 802 kg of chemically-pure platinum in January-October 2015. There was produced 3 709 kg of placer platinum and 2 836 kg of pure platinum at Konder last year. The head of the subsurface department of Khabarovsk region N.Ishuk stated earlier that reduction of mining at Konder is due to depletion of reserves. There has been produced 106 tons of platinum all in all.

Artel “Amur” has developed placer platinum deposit Konder since 1984. The site is located 90 km to the west of Nelkan settlement. It is the only platinum deposit in Khabarovsk region.

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