Beloretsk metallurgical plant significantly reduced annual profit under RAS

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Beloretsk metallurgical plant JSC (in the structure of Mechel) in 2016 made a net profit of 315.5 mln roubles under RAS, which is by 6.6 times lower than in 2015.

The revenue of Beloretsk metallurgical plant fell by 2.5% to 22.89 bln roubles. Export sales revenue showed a significant fall – by 14.7% to 4.49 bln roubles. The volume of sales in the domestic market rose by 1.1% to 18.4 bln roubles.

Negative currency exchange rates resulted in the profit reduction. Revenue fall is explained by the decrease of consumption of the low-carbon assortment for construction purposes in the domestic market.

Despite of that, Beloretsk metallurgical plant increased by 2.5  times its sales profitability by means of HAV products sale as well as by means of production expenditure cutting.

On the results of Q4 2016 Beloretsk metallurgical plant made 405 mln roubles of net profit.

Q3 was complete with a net profit of 271 mln roubles. Q1 was loss making.

The revenue of Beloretsk metallurgical plant in Q4 2016 amounted to 6.48 bln roubles, which is by 13% higher than in Q3.

The debt of Beloretsk metallurgical plant grew from 3.17 bln to 4.16 bln roubles, loans – fell from 3.67 bln to 3.57 bln roubles.

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