Crude zinc production in Kazakhstan reached 325.5 thousand tons in 2016

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Almost 90% of products go to the foreign markets.

In 2016 crude zinc production in Kazakhstan reached 325.5 thousand tons. This is by 0.5% higher than in 2015.

The domestic demand on the results of Jan-November 2016 grew by almost a third to 38.7 thousand tons. Export, on the contrary, fell by 3.2% to 259.4 thousand tons.

The largest volume was produced in the East-Kazakhstan region (325.4 thousand tons). The key producer in the region is the giant Kazzinc LLP as well as KAZ Minerals. Another 66 tons were produced in the Karaganda region. Nova-Zinc LLP, affiliate of Chelyabinsk zinc plant OJSC, works in the region.

According to the Kazakhstan Institution of Industrial Development, by 2030 zinc consumption is forecast to be by 1.4 times higher than in 2015. The drivers of the growth of zinc consumption will stay the steel making sector, bronze and brass production.

The growth of transport production will create the additional demand for zinc at the volume of 2.4 mln tons a year by 2030 and 3.6 mln tons by 2050.

The main consumers of zinc from Kazakhstan are China (33.3% in tons, 32.5% in monetary form), Turkey (30.8% in natural terms, 30.7% in monetary) and the Netherlands (15.3% in tons, 14.1% in monetary form). The stake of the CIS (Russia and the Ukraine) is only 11.3% in natural terms, 13% in monetary.

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