FLUOR finishes preliminary design of Baimsky GOK

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In 2016, Canadian engineering company FLUOR will finish the preliminary design of Baimsky GOK, this follows from the words of Baimsky GOK’s general director (part of Roman Abramovich's Millhouse) Victor Kudinov.

"We have done very important work on ore enrichment, the new enrichment regulations reduced the cost of processing at the processing plant, which will help us to increase our reserves. Previously we talked about a GOK with processing capacity of 30 million tons of ore per year, but now we have ore for two such plants,"- he said.

According to Victor Kudinov, the company expects to develop all the technological solutions and the rules of enrichment by the end of October. Then it will proceed to the semi-industrial tests under developed regulations on small technological samples (2-10 kg).

"I hope that we will increase the reserves, - said Kudinov, - Now we have about 3.7 million tons of ore, but in the end, this figure will increase at least 2.5 or even 3 times. I hope that we will be able to get the document certifying the new volumes of the reserves in the middle of 2017. We still have to resolve the remaining issues on energy. If everything is positive, we will move on - from the design of the GOK in 2017-2019 to obtaining a permit for its construction by Russian rules in 2019".

As it was reported, the mining and processing plant at the Baimskaya area with design capacity of 30 million tons of ore per year and production of not less than 5.6 million tons of copper concentrate was planned to be launched in 2022. The investment in the project was estimated at more than 130 billion rubles.

In July 2015, the Russian Government allowed the company Baimskaya (included in Millhouse) to carry out exploration and production of non-ferrous and precious metals at the Baimskaya area in Chukotka, including subsoil site of federal importance – the Peschanka copper-porphyry ores deposit. The reserves of the Baimskaya area of the Peschanka deposit (C1 + C2) are 3.731 million tons of copper, 97.97 thousand tons of molybdenum, 233.769 tons of gold and 2.002 thousand tons of silver.



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