Glencore: Zhayrem and Vasilkovskoe increased their reserves

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JSC “Zhayremsky GOK” increased the quality evaluation of more than 60 mln tons of ore having referred them to the reserves with zinc content of over 4%, is said in Glenore’s report-2016 that controls Kazzinc.

The company also recalculated its reserves of gold containing ore at the Vasilkovskoe deposit and increased them by 14 mln tons or 16% to 44 mln tons.

Zinc production by Kazzinc in 2016 was slightly lower than in 2015 – 187,600 tons due to the mixture of the company’s own and other parties’ raw materials. Total zinc production in the Kazakh branch of Glencore made up 305,500 tons which is comparable with 2015.

The stake of lead production on the raw materials of Kazzinc in 2016 amounted to 32,900 tons – that makes up 125% in annual terms out of the total volume of 59,200 tons. It was reached due to the operational improvements at the lead plant after the repair in 2015 and additional volumes from the Zhayrem mine.

Copper production out of the raw materials of Kazzinc in 2016 grew by almost 3.9% to 53.9 thousand tons. In 2016 Kazzinc produced gold out of its own raw materials at the volume of 658 thousand ounces, which is by 2.4% lower than in 2015.

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