Gold mining in Kolyma might exceed 30 tons

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In January 2017 the Magadan region produced 930.8 kg of gold and 60.4 tons of silver. This is by 223.8 kg higher than in January 2016. The entire volume was mined at the ore deposits as the extraction at placer sites is not held in the cold weather.

Silver mining fell by 14.5 tons. This fall was planned and is connected with the peculiar features of production programs of the main silver mining enterprises.

The leader of winter mining was the North-Even district with the result of 382.8 kg. The main silver mining district is the Omsukchansky where 55.9 tons of silver were extracted by February 1st.

Gold was also mined in the Tenkinsky district – 371 kg Omsukchansky – 155.2 kg, Olsky – 15.7 kg.

The Governor of the Magada region, V. Pecheny, said that there is a tendency towards the extraction growth in the region in the past 7 years. 2017 will not be an exception.

In 2016 our mining enterprises extracted 27.9 tons of gold, this year we plan at least 30.5 tons, the Governor said.

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