The Irkutsk region expects growth in investments in Sukhoi Log

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The Irkutsk region expects growth in investments in the Sukhoi Log project, a preliminary agreement on this already exists, the Minister of Natural Resources of the Irkutsk region Andrei Kryuchkov said journalists.

"Of course, we wait for substantial investments, we already have preliminary agreements. We want the company (operator of the Sukhoi Log project) was registered in the Irkutsk region, because our priority is the growth of the tax revenues," - Andrei Kryuchkov said.

According to him, the auction was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Irkutsk region’s Government Viktor Kondrashov, members of the Federal Agency on Subsoil Usage’s commission, representatives of applicants with letters of attorney.

"I don’t know why there was no struggle, the auction ended after the first step was made," - he said.

The auction for the Sukhoi Log deposit was won by joint venture of Rostec and Polyus SL-Gold, paid 9.4 billion rubles, the head of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoy told reporters.

The auction was held with a single step, the asset value increased by 10% to 855 million rubles.

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