Lermontov mine plunges into crisis

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One and a half weeks was given to the owner of Lermontov GOK (Svetlogorye, the Primorye Region) on the adoption of a decision to find 350 million roubles (the estimation for working on a new field) and the drafting of enterprise work, the Chairman of the Primorye regional organization of mountain-metallurgical trade union of Russia Valeriy Onisenkov informs.

"The team has been warned about the layoff. This aroused the indignation of workers today, at the insistence of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Primorye Region, representatives of the Primorye Region Administration met them", - he stated.

The vice-governors Vasiliy Usoltsev and Evgeniy Vishnyakov, representatives of the owner participated in a meeting with the staff.

The information that more than 200 people will lose work in the village of Svetlogorye was verbally announced by the head of the enterprise on December 1. These all are in fact employees of the only enterprise in the village – the Lermontov GOK, which specializes in the production of tungsten ores. Thus the idle phase of the enterprise ended. It was announced in October this year as a "temporary", but open-ended – the terms were not called - and, according to the employer's version, was necessary "to prevent the deterioration of the social situation". The employer planned to spend the downtime on the search for investment in the development of other fields. According to the employer, the former was produced, only fallow was left, and forecast ore reserves are not confirmed.

Meanwhile, the staff can not imagine life without work in the enterprise.

"There are ore reserves at the Lermontov field, - people wrote to the authorities. - We are not asking for humanitarian aid. Give us a job and we will give the country tungsten! We just cry from the heart: "Help us!".

The situation people face today is very difficult. The average salary at the idle plant was only 10-15 thousand roubles. Since October due to downtime the income decreased by one third - to 10.7 thousand roubles per month. And they were willing to endure, the knowledge that by spring mining will be made warmed, and in spring the factory will launch again ...

"There is no money for the utility payment, and now there is the heating season, and receipts come worth 7-10 thousand roubles. There are no means to feed and to educate children. For many there is a question about how to take children out of various universities – they do not have the means. Many have outstanding loans since were forced to take them to maintain the life of their families due to low salaries", - the letter informs, which was signed by 45 workers of Lermontov GOK.

"Unfortunately, the trade union's forecast was completely justified. We are always the first to see signs of trouble in the enterprise. As a rule, everything happens according to the same pattern: the problem with the payment of wages - downtime - the dismissal of workers – the company closing. Now the team still hopes for help from the authorities, - the chairman of the Trade Union Federation of the Primorye Region Vladimir Isakov states. - None of us wants the Repetition of history, which occurred in Svetlogorye in 2008-2009".


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