Mining of precious metals is up in Kamchatka

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There was a growth of precious metals mining in Kamchatka in 2016, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Kamchatka, V. Priidun, said.

Mining of precious metals is among the most perspective directions of development of the mining sector and economy of the Kamchatka region.

Active development of the sector allowed to extract 373 kg of platinum, 6.329 tons of gold and 11.794 tons of silver in 2016.

The growth of mining volumes of precious metals is connected with the putting into industrial operation of the mining and processing plant at the Ametistovy gold deposit, V. Priidun said.

There are 64 gold deposits registered in the State balance of mineral reserves in the region, 14 of which are hard-rock gold and 50 placer gold deposits with the total balance reserves of almost 199 tons. Out-of-the-balance reserves makes up over 10 tons.

Forecast gold resources in the Kamchatka region are assessed at 1.319 thousand tons, including hard-rock gold – 1.311 thousand tons and placer – 8.9 tons.

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