Mining at Sukhoi Log might make up 80-90 tons of gold

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The mining in the area of the gold ore deposit Sukhoi Log in the Irkutsk region might make up 80-90 tons of gold and 20-25 tons of silver a year, the Ministry of Natural Resources reports.

On the results of development of the deposit a large mining area on gold mining at the level of 80-90 tons and 20-25 tons of silver a year is planned to be founded. Other gold occurrences of the Lensky gold industrial area will be engaged into industrial development as well as the deposits of construction raw materials.

JV of Rostekh and Polyus (SL-Zoloto) won the auction for the development of Sukhoi Log for 9.4 bln roubles.

The development of the Sukhoi Log is planned to require CAPEX at the volume of 90-100 bln roubles.

The deposit has explored reserves enough for 50 years. Within the period of development about 2,000 tons of gold and 500 tons of silver will be produced.

Sukhoi Log contains forecast B+C1+C2 gold resources of 1,656 tons, silver – 1,533 tons, out of the balance gold reserves – 522 tons.

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