Nano-powders for synthesis of new aluminium alloys created in Russia

Nadezhda Ivanova's picture

The Siberia Federal University and Krasnoyarsk scientific center have worked out a method of synthesis of aluminium alloys the application of which will allow to form new types of products with better characteristics on the basis of aluminium.

Currently scientists hold research works at the unique unit “Complex of plasma-chemical synthesis and analysis of nano-structures”.

With the help of this technology special nano-powders are produced which are used as modification additives in the production of aluminium alloys.

The application of this method allows to significantly improve the operational characteristics of cast products and reduce energy expenditure for its final treatment.

The technology of aluminium treatment with the application of nano-powders opens new opportunities for the production of composite materials with better operational characteristics. The main consumers of this technology are the enterprises of metallurgical and car manufacturing sectors specializing in the production of cast products out of aluminium alloys.

The key client of the project is UC Rusal.

The implementation of the technology is planned on the basis of the “Aluminium valley” in the Krasnoyarsk region.

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