A new coal mine to be opened in Karaganda

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It is planned to open a mining plant for coal extraction at the deposit of the former Dolinsky mine. It is planned to extract 1 mln 150 thousand tons of coal annually there.

The liquidation of the Dolinsky mine was predicted back in 1996 when it was not included in the list of mine sold to L. Mittal. The absence of the interest in the Dolinsky mine was due to the fact that it was the only mine in the Karaganda coal basin at which strong layers were not developed. Coal was mined from thin layers only. Later many owners of this mine couldn’t manage to keep the production. Currently it doesn’t function.

A tender for the joint realization of this investment project has been announced. 43 bln tenge of investment is required.

Geological exploration showed that the reserves make up 19-61 thousand tons. It is planned to extract all the reserves of the mine by 2035. Coal will be sold inside the country.


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