Nord Gold operated in 2016 as planned

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Nord Gold summed up 2016. According to the press-release, fine gold production made up 868.8 thousand ounces of gold equivalent in 2016, which is within the boundaries of a planned range of 840-880 thousand ounces.

Dore gold production made up 870.4 thousand ounces in 2016, which is by 6% less than in 2015 (924.1 thousnad ounces). It is mainly due to the termination of production at the mine “Aprelkovo”, as well as difficulties with an access to the rich horizons of open pits in Western Africa, flooded because of lasting raining season, in H2, 2016.

Fine gold production increased by 11% quarter-on-quarter to 235.1 thousand ounces in Q4, 2016 amidst production growth at Bissa, Bouly, Taparko, Lefa, “Berezitoviy” and “Suzdal”. Dore gold production increased by 17% quarter-on-quarter, to 242.7 thousand ounces in Q4 2016.

The new mine Bouly, launched in September 2016 in accordance with the schedule and with less costs than it was planned, reached full production capacity in November 2016 and produced 31.4 thousand ounces of Dore gold by the end of 2016, which is higher 20 thousand ounces, forecasted for 2016.

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