Norilsk Nickel may invest up to 1 trillion rouble in the modernization of production

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Today, the Russian President V.Putin held a meeting with the chairman of the Board of Management of Norilsk Nickel V.Potanin, where he reported on the work in 2016 and plans for the future.

 “The year was difficult, but we have completed successfully. We started the development of a long-term program, designed until 2023. We should increase ore production by one and a half time, ore dressing - by almost twice as a result of implementation of this programme. Serious regeneration of the capacity is to happen. The capacity in Norilsk Nickel will become the most advanced and largest in the world. We believe that it will be the most efficient mining and metallurgical company,” V.Potanin said.

Within the framework of implementation of production modernization  programme  Norilsk Nickel can invest approximately 1 trillion rouble.

Trends and prospects of production and use of various types of stainless steel products will be discussed at the 3rd International Conference “Stainless Steel and the Russian market”, which will be held on April 20-21 next year.

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