Novosibirsk scientists find diamonds in the Arctic

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A new large deposits of diamonds can be found in the Arctic, says director of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Pokhilenko. According to him, scientists have received confirmation of prospects of finding new deposits of diamondiferous kimberlites in the north-east of the Siberian platform, where three fields of high- kimberlite bodies of Middle Paleozoic age were identified.

The Institute of Geology and Mineralogy agreed with Rosgeologiya about the work in this area to identify the location places. The contract was signed for three years, the budget is 120 million rubles.

- Our institute will be the main executor, also the works will be carried out by Yakutskgeologiya, - Pokhilenko said.

Also promising areas were found in Yakutia, in the south from the Udachnaya pipe - in the area between two rivers of Markha and Morkokinskom, where a kimberlite field was identified.

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