"Rosgeologiya" counts 66 tons of gold and 2,500 tons of beryllium oxide on the Artybashsk area in Altai

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In 2016 JSC "Gorno-Altayskaya Ekspeditsiya" (GAE, the Altai region, is included into "Rosgeologiya") completed a study at the Artybashsk area, promising gold, silver and beryllium. Preliminary estimated, the authorial inferred P3 category resources of the area were as follows: Gold - 46 tons, uranium - 15 tons; of P1 + P2 category: gold - 20 tons, beryllium oxide - 2.64 thousand tons.

The facility is located in the Altai Republic in an area of 5,132 square kilometers. The research was conducted at the expense of the federal budget under the state contract signed in 2014. The customer is the Department of Mineral Resources of the Siberian Federal District. Geologists had a task to create a modern multi-purpose geological foundation for the solution of problems on the rational subsoil geological exploration planning, assessment of the territory prospects for gold, silver, lead and other minerals.

"Rosgeologiya" is the Russian State Geological multi holding, established in 2011 and providing a full range of services related to exploration: from regional research to parametric drilling and monitoring of subsurface condition. Holding has unique competencies, in particular in the field of marine geology and offshore operations. "Rosgeologiya" combines public exploration companies in various fields.


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