Rosgeology plans to increase gold reserves by more than 2.5 tons in 2017

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The CEO, R. Panov, spoke about the results of operation of Rosgeology in 2016 and plans for 2017.

In total in 2016 Rosgeology signed 250 contracts for the search of hard mineral resources and underground waters, 160 of which were carried out on the account of the federal budget (70 – search of hard mineral resources, 18 – search of underground waters, 78 – regional works of various scale).

In total 140 thousand linear m of well by core drilling were carried out, mining works at the volume of 685 thousand cubic m, electric and magnetic exploration – 5 thousand sq  km. 23 thousand testings of various types of hard mineral resources were held, over 500 thousand roubles spent for laboratory works.

In 2016 the affiliates of Rosgeology discovered a number of large objects of the level of federal deposits. By the end of 2017 it is planned to increase resources and reserves by more than 2.5 thousand tons of hardrock gold resources, 4.5 mln tons of resources and reserves of rare earth metals, 2 mln tons of niobium resources and reserves, a significant growth of zinc resources – 6.39 mln tons, copper – 1.75 mln tons, silver – 8.95 mln tons as well as other mineral resources is planned.

In 2016 Rosgeology started works by 4 new state contracts. In 2017 Rosgeology intends to start works at 26 objects of hard mineral resources and hold a number of works of geological study of perspective subsoil sites in the framework of the Government-private partnership.

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