Sibuglemet to increase coal production up to 12 mln tons in 2017

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The enterprises of Sibuglemet (Kemerovo region) plan to increase coal production by 3% to 12 million tons in 2017 compared to 11.65 million tons in 2016, chief executive of Evraz Mezhdurechensk A.Davydov stated. Investments into the development of production will increase by 67% up to 2.5 billion roubles in 2017. Sibuglemet plans to direct main part of investments for the acquisition of open-pit dump trucks and reconstruction of a technological complex No2 of the processing plant “Mezhdurechenskaya”.

The last project, according to A.Davydov, is aimed at balancing of productive and dressing capacities.

To date, the capacity of two processing plants of Sibuglemet, “Mezhdurechenskaya” and “Antonovskaya” make up 12 million tons, coal production increase. Reconstruction is needed “to process everything we produce,” A.Davydov said.

Coal supply from the enterprises of Sibuglemet, according to him, is sent to the steel companies, “various consumers” (6.5-7 mln tons a year), 3.5-4 million tons are exported to Japan and South Korea, 1.5 million – to the enterprises of energy sector. There has started steam coal supply to Vietnam this year.

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