Transpolar branch of “Norilsk Nickel” renews special vehicles fleet

Nadezhda Ivanova's picture

The Transpolar branch of “Norilsk Nickel” received 84 units of mobile equipment for various purposes, totaling more than 630 million roubles. Among new machines are – bulldozers, fork-lift trucks, oil tankers, dump trucks diggers, railway cranes and others.

In 2017, there already arrived 13 new machines to Norilsk via Transpolar shipping branch. They are track-type tractors, road tanks for technical solutions, dump trucks and a bus for transportation of the workers. The company is about to buy new mobile equipment in 2017. Its total cost will make up several hundred million roubles.

The main peculiarity of equipment purchase programme in 2017 is an agreement with the Kostroma marine engineering plant for the construction of 5 river boats. These vessels will replace  the old ones of “Zarya” and “Luch” type, which were used for transportation of the employees of the Transpolar branch to the resting place on the Lama lake, which is a favorite resting place of the citizens. The delivery is expected this year. The total cost makes up about 200 million roubles.

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