Yakutugol produced nearly 10 million tons of coal in 2016

Nadezhda Ivanova's picture

Yakutugol (part of Mechel group) produced 9.9 million tons of coal in 2016 (+8% y-o-y).

There were produced 9.3 million tons of coal at the open-pit mine “Neryungrinsky” (+10% y-o-y). This record coal production figures in the company are since 2008.

 Significant growth was monitored at the “Kangalassky” open-pit mine too. They produced 170 thousand tons of coal here last year and increased the result of 2015 by 16%.

The dressing plant “Neryungrinskaya” processed 8.9 million tons of coal last year (+10% y-o-y), while coking coal concentrate production increased by 16%.

In 2016, Yakutugol sold 9.2 million tons of coal (+14% y-o-y). Yakutugol supply products both to the domestic and foreign markets.


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