Yakutugol starts open coal mining at Jebariki-Khaya

Nadezhda Ivanova's picture

Yakutugol (part of Mechel Group) began to mine coal at the Jebariki-Khaya deposit by the open-pit mining method. The planned volume of production in March is 30 thousand tons of coal.

The switch from underground to open-pit mining method at the Jebariki-Khaya was carried out by the company in the summer of 2016. There were carried out only stripping works at the mine until the end of the year: about half a million cubic meters of empty rock was transported to the disposal area.

To start work at the mine Yakutugol acquired all the necessary equipment. A Volvo excavator with the bucket capacity of 2.7 cubic meters is used at the open-pit mine. Liebherr excavator (bucket capacity is 11.5 cubic meters) is used at overburden mining. Six Scania and BelAZ trucks with the carrying capacity of 40 and 55 tons transport coal and rock mass. The amount of equipment will increase with the growth of mining and overburden operation.

The design capacity of the Jebariki-Khaya makes up 320.000 tons of coal per year. They plan to produce 150 thousand tons of coal at the deposit and ship 1.2 million cubic meters of rock mass before the end of 2017.

Coal mining here is of social importance. "”Dzhebariki-Khaya” provides the enterprises of housing and communal services of the northern and central regions of the republic (Amga, Suntar, Verkhneviluisk, Verkhoyansk, Zhigan and others) by steam coal. Most of the fuel is sent by water in the navigation period.


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